Give Up

Give Up

Why giving up chocolate isn’t enough.

Ok, so maybe in my carb craving mind it is indeed a huge choice to give up….as I am quite literally sitting here snacking on a chocolate covered macaroon.  Two days before Lent and my mind immediately goes to the need to give this habit up. This year, I want us to consider this season and what it means to us and what it may mean to God.

The season begins with Ash Wednesday, a day many “give up” something for Lent, but what is another word for “give up”? Sacrifice. What did Jesus do? He sacrificed himself for mankind.

Have you considered giving up or sacrificing something?

I remember the days when I would give up chocolate…and thought that was indeed a sacrifice and I miserably failed at it! 

Thinking back on those “sacrifices” I made (and many never completed), I realized they were done not for Him but for me. I gave up things because they were bad for me or I wanted something in return – like to get healthy. With that also came this realization  –  God has never made a promise and not kept it.  Ugh! How guilty can I be of unkept promises each Lent!

Be encouraged to spend time and think on what your gift of sacrifice can be for Him; yes, give up something of yourself, just as Jesus gave up of himself.

You might be asking what part of myself can I give up? What about some of your Time, Talent and Treasure?  Things like: committing to start each day with prayer, or Bible reading, commit a random act of kindness each day, or serve a local charity, even increase your giving to the local church is an option of how you can sacrifice for Christ.  Just using our time, talents and treasures for His glory and not our own is a step in His direction. God wants a relationship with us and what better gift can we give than ourselves.

Give up
Give up to the One who gave it all

Be compelled to commit to the One who made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf; for we would never be able to sacrifice enough, nor humble ourselves enough, to ever earn our way into His presence. Whatever it is, be sure your reason for your sacrifice is not for you but for the sake of Him who called us to be His own by His shed blood.

I would love the opportunity to see how you plan to sacrifice this Lenten season.   When you share your commitment in the comments,  I will commit to praying over you this Lent.

With the Love of Christ, 


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