Swaying Trees

Swaying Trees

Bible Art Journaling isn’t new, but it is popular and trending right now. It is a form of worship where you take a passage that you’ve read and studied and let your creativity go to capture the message being revealed to you. I have come to be quite fond of the time I spend journaling during my devotions.  I find it beneficial as I’m dwelling on the passage the entire time I’m creating.  Don’t get me wrong, I am no artist, but that’s the beauty of it – you don’t have to have an art degree to get your creative side going, after all we were created in the image of God the Creator.

A group of women from my church gather together to study, create and have some fellowship.  We are all budding artists and braving the world of Bible Art Journaling. This month we took on Judges 9:7-15.

The major point of Jotham’s parable was that worthless people seek to lord it over others, and  worthy individuals are too busy doing the will of the Father to seek out positions of authority. The trees were seeking a king but were turned down; by the oldest -the olive tree, the most common – the fig tree, and the staple -the vine. All these, were busy serving and fulfilling their purpose. So, in desperation they turned to the bramble. Bramble was useful for kindling, it also frequently caught fire and spread through out the farms. The only requirement the bramble put out was that the trees seek its shade. Jotham uses  irony in this statement, for the shrub hardly casts a shadow. What Jotham was pointing out was that by making Abimelech their king they were appointing a worthless man and if what he said was true that they would be cursed. And so it came to pass that Abimelech ended up with a disastrously short and violent go at being King.

Lessons to learn from the trees:
1. There was no occasion at all for the trees to choose a king; they are all the trees of the Lord which he has planted ( Psalm 104:16 ) and which he will protect. Nor was there any need for the people to have a king for the Lord was their King. We are His people.
2. We lose our sweetness when we seek to elevate ourselves to positions of vain power
3. We must seek to be useful rather than to be great. Those that are useful are the true servants.
4. Who is your King? Is there something in your life that is elevated to the status of kingship?

I invite you you to comment below about your experience with Bible Art Journaling and share this post with others.

*Artwork done using pan watercolors on a page prepped with clear matte gel medium.

Running Like Jonah

Running Like Jonah

Oh Lord Have Mercy On Me! That’s what I was crying out to God when He started leading me towards writing. I’m a Registered Nurse by trade and so writing was not something I was fond of…in fact I like computer documentation where you check off the box and write a sentence or two. That is my style, easy and simple.

So,  like a good Christian soldier I ran like Jonah. But just like Jonah, I heard God calling to me again and again, so this time I set up a Facebook page that I would occasionally post some cute sayings and verses with equally cute pictures. Not quite what God was calling on me to do. For a time this was good and comfortable for me. So I let it ride like that for several years. Until now, this past month when I heard and felt a strong push to write. God never promised me it would be easy, but He promises to be with me through it all.

Now that I am done with my running I can listen to God closely. Do you have ears to hear Him? Do you hear him calling to you, pushing you forward?  I can honestly say discerning God’s voice is difficult to do when your eyes are off the Holy One. I learned that from many difficult times I had while running from God’s calling on my life. The lesson I learned from my running is this: that if you humbly present yourself before God, you will be changed into the person He wants you to be. Just call upon the Lord.