Character Mapping

Character Mapping

Wow! It’s been incredibly busy these last couple weeks.  Mom’s taxi service is now Grandmas”s taxi and Boy Oh Boy, have these kids kept me going.  Each one of these kids has their own little  power packed personality and they don’t need sugar to power them. Have you ever wondered about the impact another person has on the people in their lives?  Well here is a great way to see just that!

Getting to know a person is more than a Hi how are you. It is getting to know them deeply, to understand them and what makes them tick. Getting to know a person through Character Mapping is a great study method to use with your Bible study time.  With a Character Map of an individual, we get to learn about various aspects of their life from their family tree, to how this person leads us back to Christ.

From a character’s attitudes to their actions, places they have lived to people they have impacted; they all lead us to learn to live a life set apart, a life filled with wonder for our Divine God who saw fit to place these people in His-story.  Let’s get to Character Mapping using the free study sheet I have provided here in the link.  I think Rahab is a great one to do a very basic map….she inspires me to live in a way that is full of a saving faith, even in the midst of big battles God’s grace is sufficient.


When doing a Character map, having a concordance handy is a blessing to use.  If you don’t have one there are online bibles study tools that can help you. First up is to find all the relevant passages of Scripture that the character is discussed in.  Once you have determined where the person of interest is mentioned try to read those passages a couple of times. Read the passages several times because it allows for greater understanding of the events, and the people involved.


Key Passages Character Mapping
Find the Key Passages to Begin your Character Map

Once you read those key passages it is easy to go over them again to glean critical information such as those questions like when, where, and what. Just pop the answers into those top 4 boxes and you are on your way to learning the legacy lesson God has placed there for you.  The next box is the “Are there any customs impacting them?”.  Here you can place things such as Rahab was considered a harlot and much more.

Further checking on what the ramifications of being considered a harlot meant for her will also give greater meaning to her character.  Next up is to examine her attitudes and her response to God. Sometimes the response towards others is also a great piece of information to that allows the reader to discover the impact the character is having on others.

The rest of the boxes get into the nitty gritty of the person’s character, and it is where the point of their life is revealed. Their Lasting Legacy Lesson helps to figure out what the message is that can apply to our lives as seekers of His Divine presence. With Rahab, her immense faith in the God of the Israelites was founded on what she had heard about God. That faith poured itself out in the actions of protecting her people’s enemies, even if it meant that she would be putting herself and her family in danger. Rahab’s faith was the saving kind of faith and it was justified by her actions. She is a true heroine of the faith and is rightly mentioned in Hebrews chapter 11 where only a few are honored for their believing.

Character mapping attitudes, and consequences
Attitudes, consequences, and even failures help to set the stage for the Legacy Lesson to be learned in Character Mapping


When we acknowledge God’s saving grace, believe and confess our inability to save ourselves we are forgiven. This is the beautiful message revealed to us in the Bible. Does your heart melt when you hear of God’s great works? Take courage for God is in control. I hope you enjoy the free printable titled Character Mapping. If you find it in your heart that this post was beneficial to studying your Bible please share the post, and comment below. I I would love to know what you think.

Apply Character Mapping to your study time
What is one way you can apply the Legacy Lesson of Rahab to your life ?


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